About Gexo.com

Nobody likes to read lots of crap

so we will be very brief. Gexo is an experiment. It's different because it wants to be "fast as fuck!". Advertisements and Google optimization makes shit slower. That's why we don't have it.
This means: We don't make money & we don't get Google traffic. So yes, we need your help to keep this site running.

Two ways to help:

... We need to grow visitor count, and we need money. If you don't want to give us money, it's ok - you can still help us grow visitors.

1) Spread the word:

Next time you have a beer with your buddies, please mention gexo.com to them. Tell them how very awesome our site is:) Or share our movies on social networks like twitter or reddit.

2) Donate Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is anonymous, fast and cheap to transfer. With your donations we will pay our server bills, programmers and buy more website traffic to grow. Any amount is cool with us, and we greatly appreciate your help! Our wallet: 1BQ2p2cFPVrS5zYQ7NcpcfTrmD9a6w42dE

If all fails:

Unfortunately for us, not many people own or use Bitcoins. As a result, it's possible that this experiment will fail and we will have to go back to industry standards: the ads. We will continue being awesome, but probably won't be "fast as fuck!" anymore :( So please, do help us if you like our idea.
Thanks for your time reading. Now go watch some free porn on gexo :)
Hello friend. Glad you are enjoying Gexo ! When you have some time, please read about the GEXO project experiment. It is important to us that you understand the philosophy of our site.
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